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Review of Preventive and Social Medicine (Including Bio statistics)

Review of Preventive and Social Medicine, 8th edition by Vivek Jain is a must-buy book for All India, AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, DNB and State Entrance Exams.

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Quick Overview of Review of Preventive and Social Medicine

Key features of Review of Preventive and Social Medicine by Vivek Jain in Eighth edition are,

  • Theory given at start of each chapter (Theory divided chapter-, topic-, sub-topic wise – Small/one-liner points in each topic/Important previous MCQs marked as Q).
  • Key REVISION Points given on side of each topic for MUST-KNOW MCQs facts.
  • New/Recent Examination based pattern has been adopted chapter-wise (Focus on Wider coverage, Concept development, One-liner approach, Value-based MCQs, Applied aspect MCQs, Image-based MCQs, Updated Golden Points).


Key Features

  • New Live Updated Lecture Epidemiology 3 hours (DVD).
  • New NBE based pattern (Wider coverage, concept development, one-liner approach, value-based MCQs, applied aspect MCQs, Image-based MCQs Updated Golden Points).
  • Theory chapter, topic-wise/ One-line points/ Previous MCQs highlighted as.
  • Key revision points/Must-know MCQs facts given on side of each topic.
  • Solved MCQs (1985-2015) including ALL ‘Recent Questions’ (2014, 2015).
  • Recent/ New topics and changing concepts in PSM.
    o New National Immunization Schedule 2016
    o Sustainable Development Goals 2015
    o National Health Policy 2015
    o Evidence Based Medicine, Meta-analysis, Systematic reviews
    o H1N1 Categorization, Oseltamivir Dosages
    o RNTCP: Weight bands, New Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines 2015
    o New DLHS Survey
    o New Initiatives: TB Mission 2020, ALL-IN Initiative, HIV-PEP
    o New Schemes: NIKSHAY, Swajaldhara, Link worker, Ujjwala, ICPS
    o New Health Programmes: NHM, RBSK, NSS, RKSK, PMJDY, PMSSY, NUHM
    o New Strategies: RMNCH+A, STOP/ End-TP, NLEP 2012-17
    o New Changes in RTI/ STI Treatment 2015 (STD color kits, Suraksha clinic)
    o New PPTCT Guidelines 2015 (Triple ARV Prophylaxis)
    o New Rabies Prophylaxis Guidelines 2015 (Essen, Thai Red Cross Regimen)
    o New NACP Guidelines (HIV district classification, LAC, LAC PLUS, ART PLUS)
    o Newer/ Emerging Diseases (H5N6, H7N8, Ebola, MERS-CoV)
    o New Vaccines (Malaria, Rabies)
    o New Protein Quality Assessment Guidelines 2015 (DIAAS)
    o Changes in Epidemiology of Various Diseases and National Health Programmes
    o Twelfth Five Year Plan 2012-17
    o New Establishments (NITI Aayog, NIRT,NIE, NIDM, NDRF)
  • An updated compilation of Public Health Statistics and Rural Health in India 2015.
  • Other New Inclusions/ Upcoming Topics: Triangle of Epidemiology and Advanced Modl of Epidemiological Triangle, Ottawa Charter, DRAFT PROPOSED Biomedical Waste Management Guidelines 2015, WHD 2016, QALY/ YPLL, New Sterilisation Guidelines, New Semen Analysis (WHO) Guidelines, New Visual Impairment Guidelines, National Abortion Guidelines, DASH diet, Latent TB, Danger Signals of Cancer, Haddon Matrix, BPL Criteria, Glycemic Index, National Deworming Day.
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