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Review of Pathology and Genetics

Review of Pathology and Genetics by Gobind Rai Garg and Sparsh Gupta is a No. 1 selling book on the subject edited by Pathologists.

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Quick Overview of Review of Pathology and Genetics

Key features of Review of Pathology and Genetics by Gobind Rai Garg and Sparsh Gupta  in Eighth edition are,

  • The book has been thoroughly updated.
  • The question bank has been expanded.
  • Special boxes (bulb and target) have been extensively added keeping in mind the questions asked in the last 4-5 years.
  • Information boxes are to be read thoroughly.
  • All chapters and not selectively general pathology are to be read.
  • All queries can be addressed to the authors on the Mail/Facebook group.

Key Features

  • Thoroughly revised and updated by a professional board of editors.
  • New NBE based pattern (Wider coverage, concept development, one-liner approach).
  • Special points like NEET buster have been added to facilitate last minute revision.
  • Picture MCQs with Answers (According to Recent Examinations).
  • Most authenticated question bank.
  • Solved MCQs (PGMEEs 2014-198) including All Recent Questions of 2016.
  • Thoroughly revised, updated and fully colored edition.
  • Interactive 3 hours DVD-ROM containing live lectures on immunology.
  • Chapter wise concise complete text in a new layout for enabling the students to study antegrade.
  • New conceptual and clinically relevant information has been highlighted in the text.
  • Large number of easy-to-grasp Mnemonics.
  • Chapter on important stains and bodies included.
  • Includes new topics being asked recently in the examinations.
  • Authentic and complete Question Banks of various years with latest references and correct answers of the following States’ examinations have been added.
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