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Microbiology & Immunology

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Microbiology & Immunology by Anshul Jain and Rachna Chaurasia is book for Microbiology and is useful for PG entrance preparation.

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Microbiology & Immunology by Anshul Jain and Rachna Chaurasia

Microbiology & Immunology by Anshul Jain and Rachna Chaurasia contains,

  • Explained Answers
  • All Recent Questions (2015-2012)
  • All India (2012-1995)
  • AIIMS (Nov 2015-1995)
  • PGI Chandigarh (2015-2000)
  • Various solved MCQ’s of Other State Exams (2015-1995)
  • Image Based Questions

Salient Features

  • A new chapter ‘Conceptual Questions’ has been added to cater to the needs of students preparing for US-MLE, PLAB and AIIMS examinations.
  • New NBE based pattern (wider coverage, concept development, one-liner approach)
  • Large number of Image Based Questions with answers have been added.
  • Solved MCQs (PGMEEs 2015-1995) including all recent questions (2015 to 2012)
  • High Yeild Points highlighted separately at the end of each chapter.
  • Thoroughly revised, updated and fully colored edition.
  • Interactive 3 hours DVD-ROM containing live lectures on sympathetic system.
  • Chapterwise concise complete text in a new layout for enabling the students to study antegrade.
  • Provides the advantage of both antegrades as well as retrograde study.
  • Large number of easy-to-grasp mnemonics.
  • MCQs whose answers change slightly in the statement of questions are given back-ta-back.
  • Includes chapter on New Drugs.
  • Incorporates a chapter on Drugs of Choice for important conditions with appropriate references.
  • Includes new topics being asked recently in various examinations.
  • Separate chapter on commonly asked Adverse Effects of Drugs.
  • Authentic and complete Question Banks of various years with latest references and correct answers of the following state examination have been added: Rajasthan PGMEE, UP PGMEE, Tamil Nadu PGMEE, Kolkata PGMEE, Bihar and Jharkhand PGMEE, Kerala PGMEE, MP PGMEE, DNB, Orisa PGMEE, Maharashtra PGMEE.
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